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Signature Collection

Marvin Windows and Doors is a premier manufacturer of made-to-order wood windows. Marvin’s low-maintenance, clad-wood products feature an extruded aluminum exterior and commercial-grade paint that resists fading and chalking.

See what Marvin has to offer in their complete Product Catalog.
Check out the latest Remodeling and Replacement Solutions Catalog.
Leave the work of staining and painting to Marvin.  Discover Marvin’s new Interior Finishes.

Looking for a certified Marvin contractor?  Get more info about Marvin’s Authorized Replacement Contractor program here.

Discover wide-open possibilities with Marvin’s Scenic Door collection.  View the latest video, produced in-house, on these expansive, elegant doors.

Want clean lines and expansive glass? Take a look at Marvin’s Contemporary Studio. Shades by Marvin are designed as seamless part of a window or door – video demo


Bring the outdoors in with Marvin Scenic Doors – view full doors catalog.

New! Clad-Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation 2.0 Brochure

Tour Marvin’s Plant – See why they are Leaders in the Window Industry

Advanced Window and Door Solutions sponsors trips to the Marvin manufacturing plant a few times every year.   The video below gives you an inside look into the two-day tour.  If you’d be interested in visiting Marvin’s plant, please contact your AWADS sales rep or call 414-462-6024.



Marvin offers the industry’s most extensive selection of shapes, styles, sizes and options including custom divided lights, clad castings, specialty woods and designer door hardware.

Whether you’re creating something new or restoring something old, Marvin is known for its ability to meet architectural design and performance challenges with innovative, one-of-a-kind products and solutions.

Product lines


A Bay window can create a window seat or a small retreat. Traditionally, Bays are made from three windows: a large picture window flanked by smaller windows on the sides that are set at 30º, 45º, 60º or 90º degree angles. Bay windows can be constructed from either Ultimate Double Hung or Casemaster windows.


The graceful curve of a Bow window is a lovely way to open any room and capture a view. Any number of Ultimate Double Hung or Casemaster windows can be used to create a gentle curve. Individual windows are mulled together at the factory for a harmonious appearance.

Ultimate Casemaster

A Casemaster opens and closes from the side, like a book, when the crank handle is turned. The Casemaster meets WDMA DP50, one of the Window and Door Manufacturers Association’s best ratings for air and water infiltration and structural integrity. Smooth, clean millwork defines the interior surfaces.

French Casemaster

The French Casemaster has a delicate, elegant air about it, but under the surface has the strength and stamina Casemasters are known for. French Casemaster has two operating windows that open outward using a crank handle. A center post is not present, creating an unobstructed view when open.


Awning is designed to accompany Casemasters, picture windows and other Awnings, adding height, light and ventilation wherever you need it. Awnings are designed to circulate air without exposing your room to light rain and they are hinged at the top and open out at the bottom using a crank handle.

Venting Picture

With a generous unobstructed view, the patent-pending Marvin Venting Picture Window takes the industry to new heights. Similar profiles as other Casemaster products. Maintains original home design integrity with consistent sightlines.

Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation

Marvin’s Ultimate Double Hung combines state-of-the-art window design with the style and beauty of an earlier era. Traditional lines, profiles and proportions make the interior an Ultimate Double Hung exceptionally beautiful. Both sash tilt in or can be removed for easy cleaning. Choose from Double Hung Windows with rectangular sash or Ultimate Double Hung Round Top variations.

Ultimate Insert Double Hung

The Ultimate Insert Double Hung is a beautiful alternative to vinyl replacement windows. Choose from Marvin’s full range of wood species, clad colors and hardware finish options. If your current window frame is in good condition, there’s no need to remove it. Exterior casing and interior trim remain undisturbed by the replacement process. Both sash effortlessly tilt in or can be removed for easy cleaning. Many divided-lite options are available.

Tilt Pac Double Hung Sash Replacement System

A sash replacement option is perfect for when the frame of a double hung window is in good condition, but the sash or hardware need replacement. The Tilt Pac includes two wood or clad-wood sash and the hardware necessary for installation. Both sash operate, and tilt in or can be removed for easy cleaning. Choose from a full range of options: energy-efficient glass, grilles and divided lights and several screen choices. Magnum Tilt-Pacs are available to fit over-sized window openings.

Ultimate Double Hung Magnum

This double hung window is designed for oversized openings-it goes as large as 5′ x 10′! Great for residential, commercial construction or historic renovation projects featuring large window openings. Smooth and easy to operate. Choose from rectangular sash or round top variations.

Ultimate Glider

The Glider is a reliable choice for simple operation and energy efficiency. A Glider’s sash slides horizontally on the window sill. It’s a perfect window for areas where a swinging sash would be in the way, for example, overlooking a deck or porch.

Polygon and Special Shape Windows

Add dimension and drama to a window design by incorporating a polygon or special shape window. Choose from octagons, hexagons, trapezoids, pentagons, triangles-virtually any geometric shape. Polygons and special shape windows are available as either direct glaze or in-sash units to match daylight openings in other window and door styles.

Replacement Windows

Marvin has the products, sizes and custom solutions needed to turn your remodeling and window replacement dreams into reality. Browse our replacement solutions…

Round Top

Marvin Round Top Windows add elegance and individuality to a home. Choose from full, half and quarter rounds, ellipticals, inverted corners, ovals, gothic shapes, eyebrows…the list goes on. offers over 1000 standard round top sizes, plus unlimited custom designs-all perfectly matched to Marvin’s full line of windows and doors.

Tilt Turn and Hopper

The Tilt Turn and the Hopper offer many design possibilities. The Tilt Turn is a dual-functioning window: swing it in like a door or tilt the top of the sash into your room for ventilation. The tilt-in Hopper is the perfect companion to the Tilt-Turn, offering additional air and light.

MARVIN ELEVATE & ESSENTIAL: Tested for Toughness – Proven for Performance

The Integrity name and logo, NOT product, have been discontinued.

Integrity Wood-Ultrex is now Marvin Elevate. Integrity All Ultrex is now Marvin Essential.
Same products, different names.

You demand performance, reliability and value – Marvin delivers. Their units show up on time, every time, in install-ready condition, and exactly as you ordered.

Strong, stable, durable and virtually indestructible, fiberglass is possibly the perfect building material, creating windows and doors that leave other materials in the dust.  See the toughness of Marvin Elevate and Essential collections prevail as they are tested by a professional hockey team:


 Please review the following brochures for more information about the Marvin Elevate and Essential Collections:

Essential Collection – Formerly known as All Ultrex – both interior and exterior are made of tough fiberglass.
Elevate Collection – Formerly known as Wood Ultrex – interior is wood while exterior is tough fiberglass.
Elevate Double Hung Insert – learn more about upgrades such as a new low-profile cam lock.
Elevate 4-Panel French Door – can come in an impressive 8 x16 size!  See our News page to check out the video…
Remodel and Replace – take a look at all the replacement window and door products that are offered.

Looking for a certified Marvin contractor?  Get more info about Marvin’s Authorized Replacement Contractor program here.

The Elevate and Essential Advantage

If you’ve ever encountered a dented or corroded roll-form window or a faded, cracked vinyl window, the advantages of fiberglass are obvious. Specially compounded resins and thin strands of strong glass are combined to create a material so strong, it’s used in bridge construction; so stable, it remains virtually unchanged even when it’s subjected to extremes such as temperatures ranging from -30F to 350F.

Windows made with fiberglass components expand and contract at the same minute rate as glass – each window remains tightly sealed with no leaks, seal failures or stress cracks.  It’s so strong, diamond-edge blades are used to cut pieces to size.

Finish Options

Marvin’s patented finishing process yields a coating three times thicker than competitive finishes. It resists scratching and marring while offering five times the UV resistance to protect against fading, chalking, streaking or cracking – common to vinyl windows.


Elevate Collection

Product Lines 

Bay & Bow
Enlarge a space without enlarging your home. Bay and bow windows capture light and frame your favorite views while bringing the outdoors into a home. Casement windows, double hung windows and picture windows combine to make dramatic operating bays, or use a smooth arc of casement windows to add the drama of a bow window to any room.

Casement & Awning – Replacement Available
Airtight, watertight and secure even in driving rains and strong winds, these windows are engineered to perform admirably and provide DP50 design pressure ratings. At the same time, clean sight lines and smart design make mixing and matching easy and beautiful for any room.

Double Hung – Replacement Available
Traditional style meets high performance in this evolution of the turn-of-the-century window style. Clean, balanced design and a dramatically sloped sill add a timeless look to any architectural style, while our double hung window’s standard DP40 rating raises the bar on performance.

Some companies treat their sliding windows like a double hung window on its side. Rather than compromise performance and ease of operation, Marvin went back to the drawing board, creating a glider that is engineered specifically for horizontal movement and fits perfectly anywhere a swinging sash won’t work.

Finally, a standard line of windows that look anything but standard. Eight unique and popular shapes let you invent and create stunning assemblies without sacrificing performance, sight lines or the rich wood interior that makes our Elevate collection so appealing.

Round Top
Make an ordinary room extraordinary. Adding a quarter-round, half-round or elliptical window above any standard Integrity unit immediately adds light and drama to a space. To top it all off, the rugged  exterior as well as an optional integral nailing fin actually adds to our round tops’ stability and strength.

Inswing French Door
Heights up to 8-0, 3-wide configurations, five hardware finish options and more: The Integrity Inswing French Door offers every chance to design the custom-style door of your dreams; adds our innovative engineering and tough fiberglass components for long-lasting, no-problem performance.

Outswing French Door
This door has it all: Standard DP50 performance with a stainless steel, handle-activated multi-point locking system; optional PVD-grade hardware. The Outswing French Door comes in a wide array of room-expanding configurations; up to 8-0 heights and wide stiles and rails create maximum effect.

Sliding French Door
The elegance of a traditional French door with the practicality of a sliding patio door. Wide stiles and rails maximize the rich wood and substantial feel of our Sliding French Door, while impressive 8-0 heights and 3-panel configurations add a spectacular expanse of light and space

Sliding Patio Door
Everything you want in a sliding door: Durable components, practical design and contemporary lines that maximize sunlight. The beautiful wood interior can be stained or painted to suit your taste, while exceptional engineering ensures smooth, strong performance that stands up to weather as well as your busy household.

Essential Collection

Double Hung
Double Hung windows have beautiful, virtually indestructible interiors and exteriors made of fiberglass, meaning almost no maintenance for a homeowner. The finish resists scratching and fading and will never flake; elegant traditional double hung styling with 21st-century technology.

Swing sash just won’t work in a certain spot? Gliders slide into action. They’re specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of horizontal use, offering specially designed performance with remarkably easy operation.

Finally, a standard line of windows that look anything but standard. Eight unique and popular shapes let you invent and create stunning assemblies without sacrificing performance, sight lines or the design details that make our Essential collection so appealing.

Single Hung
Single Hung windows have beautiful, virtually indestructible interiors and exteriors made of fiberglass, meaning almost no maintenance for a homeowner. The patented finish resists scratching and fading and will never flake; elegant traditional styling with 21st-century technology.

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